It’s not really a whole lot bigger than my 44mm Series 6 watch and it doesn’t feel heavier. At least not to me. I can use all of my old watch bands. I am not having any trouble with the Alpine Loop either. In fact, it feels like I can get my watch just a little bit tighter but not too tight. I’m always in between clothing sizes, so some adjustability in things is nice to have.

It’s fast. It’s responsive. It is easy to see in bright sunlight, and I really like the new dark mode too. We’ll be testing out the L1+L5 GPS on a hike this weekend.

So far it’s a win. It’s definitely not for everybody, and we’re not extreme athletes at all, so we’re barely in the target market. We do go snorkeling and paddle boarding and I do want to get dive certified, though. I am very much looking forward to using the Ultra. It may very well be the thing that inspires me to take more backpacking trips.

old 44mm s6 and the new Ultra together.