Traveling in an RV brings the comforts of home to the open road. However, one aspect that can often be overlooked is the ease of entering and exiting your mobile abode. That’s where the Torklift GlowStep Revolution steps in – quite literally – to transform your RV experience. Especially handy for those of us that are getting a little bit older and maybe (just maybe!) don’t see that well at night, or have knees that remind us we’re not teenagers. 🙂 The original steps that came with our 2022 Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX weren’t bad but they were a bit high for us. This was especially obvious on uneven surfaces for us.

RV steps

A Step Above the Rest

We started looking for steps with more flexibility, and we found them. The GlowStep Revolution is not just any RV step system. It’s a game-changer for RV owners who demand durability, safety, and versatility. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, these steps are built to last and to provide a stable, secure entry into your RV. They’re also easy to clean, which I’ll touch on more later.

Notice the squares that look like they glow in the dark? They do, in fact, glow in the dark, which has been wonderful for us at night.

Infinite Adjustability

What sets the GlowStep Revolution apart is its infinite adjustability. The All Terrain Landing Gear allows you to deploy your steps on any type of terrain, ensuring a level step every time. Whether you’re parked on a rocky trail or a smooth driveway, your steps will always be perfectly aligned for safe entry and exit. Each foot can adjust individually to give you further control.

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze with the GlowStep Revolution. Designed to mount in your existing step well, these steps maximize ground clearance without the need for drilling into your RV step mount. For those without an RV step well, the GlowStep Revolution Uprising mounts seamlessly in the doorway, providing the same level of adjustability without obstructing your screen door or entryway12.

For our Micro Minnie FLX, the install was surprisingly easy. I was able to remove the old steps and simply use the existing bolts & bolt holes to install the GlowStep unit. I did end up using the spacers that were included in the package but that was it. I did it myself in less than 1 hour. (It was a nice day and I wasn’t in a hurry.) They weigh less than the original steps, which was a pleasant surprise.

The Uprising Advantage

The GlowStep Revolution Uprising takes it a step further with a built-in booster step, allowing you to activate or stow away the bottom step without removing it. This feature, along with the adjustable bottom step and step support, makes the Uprising variant a standout choice for those seeking the ultimate in convenience and flexibility2.

One of the first trips we had with the steps was to Burning Man. This year was especially interesting because of the flooding that happened at the event. There was mud. So much mud.

Fortunately, cleaning the steps off was not a problem. The aluminum finish was actually really easy to clean and we managed to keep the mud off of the steps and out of the trailer. The boot brush attachment that came with our unit was also helpful, although towards the end of the week it was a bit clogged with mud and we ended up taking off shoes outside.


The Torklift GlowStep Revolution is more than just a set of steps; it’s an upgrade to your RV lifestyle. With its robust construction, ease of use, and adaptability to any terrain, it’s clear why so many RV enthusiasts are making the switch. So, step up to the GlowStep Revolution and step into comfort and convenience on all your travels. And of course, keep your trailer a bit cleaner. 🙂 We have been 100% satisfied with these steps.

Some formatting assisted by Microsoft Copilot. Torklift was kind enough to provide us with a demo unit for review.

Hike & Dive Shorts from RevolutionRace

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts that can handle both hiking and swimming, you might want to check out the Hike & Dive Shorts from RevolutionRace. These are hybrid shorts made from a fast-drying stretch material, ideal for a cool swim after a warm summer hike. I got to test them out on a recent trip to the river and here are my thoughts. (I wasn’t in the water very long because our rivers are REALLY COLD right now. I took these pics after a load of laundry. There is a stain on the left short leg, and that is my own fault. I’ve been wearing these almost daily and at some point I got something oily on them while doing work on the trailer.

Features and Fit

The Hike & Dive Shorts have some classic hiking features, such as an adjustable waist, enhanced belt loops, and several smart pockets. They also have a zippered thigh pocket and a back pocket with velcro for extra security. The shorts have a regular fit and come in six different colors: black, autumn, dark blue, aloe, charcoal, and black/lava. I chose the black/lava color, which has a nice contrast between the charcoal shorts and the red zippers and drawstrings.

The shorts are made from 77% recycled polyester, 15% cotton, and 8% elastane, which gives them a nice stretch and breathability. The fabric feels soft and comfortable on the skin and doesn’t chafe or irritate. The shorts I got are almost a little bit big for me but if I got the size smaller, they’d be a little bit too small. I’m 6’2″ and this morning was 218lbs, and I got a size XL. The tag says 35-36 and they’re slightly loose. But this has been an issue with practically everything I try on.. I’m always in-between sizes.

The drawstring has been sturdy. It seems almost unnecessary, but it really does help keep the shorts on you when you jump into the water.

My only complaint is that the button hole is a bit too loose, and the button has come out a couple times. The belt I wear may be part of the reason.

Performance and Comfort

The Hike & Dive Shorts performed well on both land and water. They were easy to move in and didn’t restrict my range of motion. They were also quick to dry after getting wet, which was great for avoiding chills or discomfort. The shorts didn’t sag or lose their shape when wet, either. They stayed snug on my waist and didn’t ride up or down, and I pared them with a belt by Arcade.

The shorts were also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They didn’t cause any friction or rubbing, even when I was sweating or swimming. They also kept me cool and ventilated in the hot weather. The pockets were handy for storing my keys and phone and the zippers were smooth and sturdy. I didn’t take my phone in the water, though. 🙂


Overall, I was very impressed with the Hike & Dive Shorts from RevolutionRace. They are versatile, durable, and stylish shorts that can handle both hiking and swimming with ease. They are also made from recycled materials, which is a plus for sustainability. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of shorts that can do it all. I would probably not use them while scuba diving, but they’re great for stand up paddle boarding days.

You can buy the Hike & Dive Shorts from RevolutionRace’s website¹ for $69. (This is not an ad, and I did not get any free product or anything from RevolutionRace.) They offer free shipping and 30-day free returns. Mine came from an address in Sweden and arrived within a week. You can also check out their other products, such as their RVRC GP Shorts², their Nordwand Shorts³, or their Trail Pro Shorts⁴.

¹: Hike & Dive Shorts Men Black | RevolutionRace

²: Men’s Outdoor & Hiking Shorts | RevolutionRace

³: Nordwand Shorts Khaki Men | RevolutionRace

⁴: Trail Pro Shorts Peacemaker Blue Men | RevolutionRace

Note: I did get lazy and let Bing AI write some of this for me, and I edited for accuracy.